Compact dryers at Amboss + Langbein

The profit earner – Mobile dry-airdryers in a modular system

The compact dryers at Amboss+Langbein can be used anywhere. They can be configured for mobile work, to operate independently, and can be integrated with any existing Amboss+Langbein system.

The mobile and independent design of Amboss+Langbein compact dryers positively impacts production parameters with respect to cost-benefit ratio. Quality consistency and efficient production are ensured. “Over-drying” of material is prevented by accurate process-controlled adjustment of the drying parameters. The pre-drying time is as short as three to four hours; the drying temperature can be adjusted precisely from 30 °C to 160 °C using a three-point controller. 



Compact dryers, series E and D

The Amboss+Langbein compact dryers are available as E series with single vessels or D series with double vessels.

  • Compact design, can also be configured as a mobile unit
  • All material-contact parts in V2A stainless steel
  • Continuous, gentle drying
  • Dewpoint c. - 60 °C
  • Option for dual heating circuits (D series)
  • Insulated, stainless steel cleaning door
  • Monitoring and documentation of drying parameters
  • Sample drying online during normal production
  • Patented cleaning system
  • Multiple machines can be supplied simultaneously
  • ECO variant with reduced energy consumption
  • Max. Dimensions (W×D×H): 650 × 1300 × 1750 mm 
  • Vessel sizes E series: 25 l - 200 l
  • Vessel sizes D series (x2 each): 25 l - 100 l
  • Throughput (PA max) E -series: 4 kg/h - 70 kg/h
  • Throughput (PA max) D -series: 1.5 kg/h - 15 kg/h
  • Drying temperature: 30 - 160 °C.
  • Drying air rate: 80 m³/h - 180 m³/h


  • Double, triple or quadruple outlets to supply multiple production machines
  • Automatic vessel fill with integrated controls and power unit for automatic precipitator
  • Material flow rate dependant on drying 
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