Accessories for dryers
by Amboss + Langbein


Adjustable timer

      • Free programmable switch on, switch of time.

ME power feed depending on material throughput

(combined with the automatic filling system)

      • monitoring of the material-throughput
      • displays the actual throughput
      • Alarm by overload, actual throughput exceed the maximum throughput
      • switch off at reaching the defined min. throughput
      • Reduce drying temperature, free adjustable, at reaching the defined min. throughput


Dew point monitored regeneration of the molecular sieve.

      • Monitoring of dew point
      • Alarm if dew point not reaches adjustable ranges
      • Changing of molecular sieves dew point controled

Complied pre drying time

      • Free adjustable
      • Prevents withdrawal of material before pre drying time have passed

Charge drying

      • Usefull feature for drying PUR or TPU
      • Adjustable time range for hot air drying
      • Material keeps dry by cold dehumidified dried air

Web interface

      • Connection to Intra-/Internet
      • Monitoring of the dryer
      • Displaying: temperature, dew point and throughput
      • Alarm monitor, including history

Data Log System

      • 4 independent input, approx. dewpint, temperature
      • Ethernet interface
      • Adjustable limiter alarms
      • Bin and csv data
      • Freeware for displaying and archiving data
      • Power supply 230V AC 50Hz
      • 3,5” color display

Energie consumption monitor

      • Mounted in control box
      • TI Net
      • Effective and reactive power measuring
      • 8 digits, resettable

Data based controlled drying

    • Drying parameter are in a data base.
    • Choosing by:

      - number

      - scan code
Das Bausteinsystem