Amboss + Langbein dryers and dryer systems

The focus is on high power and environmentally friendly energy concepts

Amboss+Langbein have been active in the field of dryers for more than 20 years. We guarantee a solution for your production needs that is not only a technically sound, consistently reproducible and verifiable, but also extremely cost-effective. We have the solution, whether you need a small dryer , a system for sample quantities, sectional drying systems or large dryers.

Amboss+Langbein's dryer product range covers is extensive: any operational requirement can be met. Depending on
the unit classification, dryers provide air flow rates from 70 to 2000 m³/hr of dry air. Modern, competitive production of injection-moulded parts must be energy saving and ever more efficient.

Amboss+Langbein advances the concept of drying efficiency through:

• Simplified material changeover accomplished in a short time span. Our drying approach allows pre-drying times to be shortened or eliminated. Handling changeover to a new material has been dramatically improved by the large cleaning openings, enabling precision changeover in a very short timeframe.

• Customised air control process. Only the quantity of dry air needed is actually produced. This achieves significant savings in energy costs, while the material is dried gently.

With a compact footprint and high energy efficiency, the eco-series dryers are now consistently equipped with cleaning ports which allow complete opening of the fully insulated vessel wall. Special attention is given to energy consumption. Dryers producing 140 m³/h of dry air consumes only 2.5 kw/h (measured at a drying temperature of 80 °C). For the capacity, this represents a considerable reduction in consumption. Of course, patented add-ons for further reductions in energy consumption are available. By monitoring the throughput – regulating both the granulate and dry air flow through the drying vessel i – “over-drying” is effectively prevented. At the same time, dry granulate is fed into downstream processing only after proper pre-drying. All drying parameters, temperature, dew point and material flow are documented as required.

The eco-series dehumidifying dryers have now been extended to assist with the task of annealing components. With
the E35 eco (200 l vessel) dryer, application is no longer exclusively for material drying alone, but also for annealing components. The controls allow for up to 14 t different positive and negative temperature gradients. The system can
be operated either directly from the controller or by computer. Here, too, sannealing data can be recorded at the customer's request. With the integrated design, the dehumidifying dryer uses solely dry air for either granulate and annealing. This can lead to significant improvement in reworking annealed components, e.g. during subsequent welding of PA components.

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