All your conveyor needs single
sourced at Amboss + Langbein

Durable, very easy to clean, and able to be customized, adapted, and fully integrated – these are the distinguishing features of the proprietary conveyors offered at Amboss+Langbein. Given the high quality design, Amboss+Langbein conveyors are suitable for all industry applications, including chemicals, plastics, medical, food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and metal. From  straightforward mechanical applications through to sophisticated mixed cargo filling and utilizing complex combinations of conveyors, everything is possible.

The conveyors are constructed of durable welded steel that is either finished in or completely constructed of stainless steel. Application in the strictest of production cleanliness standards -- as for the medical sector --  pose no problems. The sturdy steel construction and smart design make the conveyors extremely durable and resilient. Spare part warehousing, as required for conventional conveyors to ensure undisturbed material transport, is no longer necessary.

A sophisticated control system, designed in-house by Amboss+Langbein, allows for individual control of both single and multiple conveyor lines. Depending on the individualized needs of the customer, the control can be based on target quantity, machine cycle, or belt scale and parts weight.

Regardless of the application – whether for removing finished parts from the processing machine, as a deposit system for automated parts removal, or as a feeder for packaging systems – Amboss+Langbein conveyors transport the goods efficiently and safely to where they are needed.

Das Bausteinsystem