Mobile production buffer roundel

Movable production buffer on 2 layer
Type 60/40 - 2E - 16B*

* 60/40 (KLT 600 x 400)  |  2E (2 layer)  |  16B (16 buffers)

Production buffer for falling components. The filling of the buffer via a conveyor belt. Possible accomplishing of the roundel in one or two buffer layers. The number of falling parts is count via production cycle. In case of two layers, the filling of the buffer boxes happens from low layer to the upper one, by a motorized flap. Counted and displayed by the totalizer are all buffered parts. The permissible weight per buffer box is 12 kg. 

The roundel operating modes: 
- One-time filling and stopping with the message "Roundel full"
- Endless operating mode, the buffer boxes have to be exchanged during operation

- Operating mode 
- Target quantity per place (buffer box)
- Conveyor belt run-on time for the last machine cycle

  • 1 - 2 layer 
  • up to 16 buffer boxes in the dimensions 600 mm (L) x 400 mm (B) 
  • Filling via conveyor belt, sequence from bottom to top 
  • max.  Diameter 2,500 mm 
  • max.  Weight per box: 12 kg 
  • Specification of nominal quantity 
  • Continuous operation with total quantity detection

Custom design – adaptable to virtually any customer specifications.

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