The modular system

Solutions today, tailored for the opportunities
of tomorrow.

Energy-conscious, cost-effective, efficient operations that make the most of the latest advances in technological innovations in automation – that is the foundation for successful modern production in today’s competitive plastics manufacturing industry. This is the mission statement and focus of Amboss+Langbein Elektro Elektronik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG. Our specialists have expertise and experience in individualized configuration to meet specific customer needs. The equipment at Amboss+Langbein are integrated to form a modular system, where individual components can be combined with each other virtually without limits. This translates into significant cost savings when you are contemplating future operations expansion.

The particular strength of Amboss+Langbein – offering German engineered, in-house construction of all equipment and processing machines – is obvious. Responding flexibly to every customer request
and finding a neatly tailored solution to meet individualized needs is our
top priority.

Even the computers and software necessary for production and for
often complex measurement are provided in-house. As a result, Amboss+Langbein can ensure that all components are compatible
and function together smoothly.


Das Bausteinsystem